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Stephanie Skryzowski is a Chief Financial Officer who is passionate about helping nonprofit leaders ditch the “wear all the hats” syndrome and rock their numbers to grow their impact and income. 

Her company, 100 Degrees Consulting, provides CFO strategy and bookkeeping services to hundreds of nonprofits around the globe. Stephanie has been a featured speaker with Blackbaud, Grants Professionals Association, and ROI: The Millionaire’s Summit, among others. She has her Master’s in Public Administration with a specialty in nonprofit finance from New York University.

Her podcast, The Prosperous Nonprofit, and online course, Master Your Nonprofit Numbers®, helps nonprofit leaders build thriving nonprofit organizations, strong and healthy teams, and a sustainable and profitable bottom line. Stephanie delivers advice on nonprofit leadership, strategic budgeting, cash flow management, financial reporting and analysis, and more. 

When Stephanie is not crunching numbers, she can be found boating, paddleboarding, and painting at the lake with her husband and two young daughters.

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Notable Press

1. 3 Core Beliefs You Need to Reduce Employee Burnout

Did you know that nearly all nonprofit employees reported feeling burnt out at work, and that burnout is higher among younger employees, those with lower salaries, and those who identified as members of marginalized groups?

In this presentation, audiences will learn how to create a mindset of strategic investment, transform their financial management, and build a culture of balance.

This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to approach leadership at their organization in a fresh way to reduce burnout and increase growth and impact.

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2. Stop Wearing All the Hats

Did you know that in recent years, over half of nonprofits reported being understaffed and running in deficit, with organizations with budgets under $1M most impacted?  

In this presentation, audiences will learn how to focus on their zone of genius, create systems that work for them, and invest strategically to manage and grow their organization resourcefully.

This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to stop wearing all the hats and lead their organization with more ease, balance, and joy.

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3. From Financial Freakout to Prosperous Nonprofit

Did you know that half of nonprofits have less than 3 months of cash in the bank, and 1 out of 3 nonprofits have less than one month of cash?  

In this presentation, audiences will learn which financial reports to study as well as the story they’re telling, how to create a crystal ball to see into the future of their organization’s numbers, and the best way to create an organizational culture of financial sustainability and transparency.

This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to become confident and excited to manage their organizations' finances to help them grow sustainable and prosperous nonprofits.

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